Introducing Akamai Fast Purge

October 6, 2017 · by Sid Phadkar ·

Purges allow CDN users to update stale content on their website. This is crucial to customers trying to maximize their application offload by providing longer TTLs, thereby reducing their own operating costs while also improving end-user performance. Akamai’s Fast Purge capability not only provides users the ability to purge their content in seconds, but also provides granular capabilities to address these needs efficiently.

Imagine you're an online retailer looking to keep product inventory on your website updated on a Black Friday sale day and catering to a worldwide audience. You need the ability to update your site and make sure changes in product inventory are reflected immediately for all customers around the world.

Assume a bright orange pair of shoes are selling like hot cakes on your site. Setting long TTLs optimizes page performance for your customers when they visit the orange shoes page, bringing in more revenue. However you also need the ability to update this page instantly the moment the shoes go out of stock to avoid an inventory management nightmare. Akamai’s fast purge by URL capability provides you the ability to do this by simply purging the URL for that particular page.

Fast Purge also has the capability to provide more granular content grouping via purging by CPCodes (available to everyone today!) and via Cache-tags (currently in beta).

As an example, consider a soccer website that displays live scores for its audiences. This website has multiple stats for live game scores, individual player stats, live league tables, leaderboards for goal scorers, and other aggregated player and team stats for a variety of attributes. Typically, every relevant play will require purging of multiple objects that need to be individually selected.

With different teams playing in different tournaments and leagues simultaneously, purging these objects gets more and more complex. Cache tags (or CPCodes if you have a bunch of URLs tied to a particular CPCode) allows users to assign tags to these objects for better manageability. Users can now tag an object with team names or tournament names to purge everything related to these simultaneously without getting into the more granular complexities.

All Fast Purge functionality is also available via the UI or via APIs and the Akamai CLI, which lets users automate the purge functionality within their CI/CD workflows.