How Akamai Fast Fallback Helps You Iterate Faster

October 11, 2017 · by Sid Phadkar ·

As a former DevOps engineer, I love the popular graphic below, primarily because of how concisely it sums up the way DevOps has transformed our pace of innovation today.

One of the key drivers of this innovation is the ability to iterate. The ‘now ancient’ waterfall model meant release cycles would take 6-9 months. The Agile world brought this down to weeks. But the human quest for excellence meant the pace of innovation was still not good enough - developers today expect the ability to make multiple changes and test them out everyday.

Akamai’s new Fast Fallback capability is aimed at addressing this core DevOps need. Fast Fallback provides users to undo their changes rapidly in a minute on our staging environments or about 4 mins on production. This means that if a user deploys a new change on the Akamai network (check out our exciting deployment time enhancements for Edge’17!) and realizes that this change has led to unintended consequences, she has the ability to undo this change on the entire global network in no time. This is a key driver in enabling DevOps savvy users to test and iterate on multiple changes everyday, and hence significantly increase their pace of innovation.

Fast Fallback is available either via the Akamai UI or it’s API endpoint can be integrated into your automation scripts.