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Easily Make Your Websites Faster, Without Recurring Effort

November 7, 2017 · by Ted Shuter ·

This is one in a series of posts following up on our announcements from the Developer Zone at Edge 2017. For a complete review of Edge, see our recap page.

During the Edge 2017 conference in Las Vegas, Akamai introduced the latest version of Akamai Ion. I want to talk about one particular aspect of Ion: the Adaptive Acceleration solution.

As a bit of background, we know that performance is critical to deliver the ideal web experience across all users. However, optimizing web performance often uses techniques that put additional demands on development teams. The challenge for many organizations is balancing performance developments against feature developments in order to grow the business. Some key challenges and opportunities here include:


  1. Visible content in the browser: Changing when content is visible on the screen can improve the perception of performance and the overall browsing experience.
  2. Page weight: As the size and number of resources on a page continue to grow, performance is degraded and users are frustrated.
  3. Third-party failure: Resources coming from third-party sites can be a critical single point of failure, preventing the page from loading.


If you’ve encountered these performance issues, we’ve got you covered.

Adaptive Acceleration is Akamai's intelligent solution to continuously apply performance optimizations with zero development effort. In other words, fast plus easy.

Adaptive Acceleration helps you deliver rich, personalized experiences to your users faster and more easily than ever before, using Akamai's machine learning to determine optimizations from real user behavior, and it’s all virtually effortless for you. Plus, with this release, Adaptive Acceleration comes with a smarter Learning Engine and two new exciting features:


  1. Resource Optimizer: Reduce the file size of your cached CSS and JS by 5% to 25%.
  2. Script Management: This is a new tool that automatically protects your site from unresponsive third-party scripts.


screenshot: adaptive acceleration

I’ll do a deeper dive into each of those new features in upcoming blog posts, but in the meantime, I encourage you jump in today. To get started with Adaptive Acceleration right now just log into your Akamai customer portal, where you can try Ion via the Marketplace. Or if you’re an existing Ion customer, simply activate Adaptive Acceleration by flipping the switches to “On”. Yes, fast really is that easy.

screenshot: adaptive acceleration

FAQ on Adaptive Acceleration:

Which products include Adaptive Acceleration? Adaptive Acceleration is available with Ion, Ion Premier, and Ion Media Advanced.

What else do I need enabled for Adaptive Acceleration? You’ll need Secure Delivery, and you’ll need to turn on RUM for the Adaptive Acceleration’s learning engine.

How do I see what Adaptive Acceleration is doing on my site? You can use the Adaptive Acceleration reports found under the Monitor Menu. Simply navigate to the property you want to monitor and then select Monitor->Adaptive Acceleration

For additional insight and information on Adaptive Acceleration, see our video of the Developer General Session presentation at Edge 2017 (the Adaptive Acceleration portion begins at 33:18).

See the other posts in this four-post series about Adaptive Acceleration: 1. Overview (you are here) 2. Learning Engine 3. Resource Optimizer 4. Script Management