Akamai MVP Program

Akamai MVP Program Nominations Now Open

November 14, 2017 · by Eddy Perez

At Akamai, we realize we have one of the most talented and innovative developer and admin communities in the tech world. To sum it up, you rock.

We think it’s time for us to step it up a bit by recognizing our amazing community and calling out the passionate individuals who regularly share skills, insights, and knowledge. That’s why we announced the Akamai MVP Program at Edge 2017.

And starting right now — ring the bells! — the nominations are officially open for the Akamai MVP Program.

Now, you might be wondering, who should I nominate? This should help you answer that question: The Akamai MVP Program is designed to recognize excellence among Akamai developers and admins in three key areas. Candidates can be either a rock star in one or more of the areas, or a generalist in all of them to be considered. The three criteria are:

1) Technical excellence This candidate, whether developer or admin, demonstrates extensive, proven, and impressive technical chops in their field.

2) Community involvement This candidate is actively engaged in the developer/admin community as a champion for Akamai and hero to his/her peers. Activities could include:

  • Contributing to open source projects that benefit the Akamai community
  • Speaking at conferences and meetups
  • Organizing gatherings and events
  • Creating thoughtful content (blog posts and articles) that promote best practices
  • Social sharing
  • Answering questions on relevant forums like StackOverflow or Akamai forums

3) Innovation This candidate not only pushes the technical boundaries, but also comes up with new or more efficient solutions.

Do you know someone who measures up (including yourself)? Then nominate her/him/yourself to be an Akamai MVP. Just fill out this short Akamai MVP Nomination Form. We look forward to announcing our inaugural class of Akamai MVPs very soon, and we hope one (or more) of your nominees are among them.