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Announcing the Akamai for DevOps World Tour

December 7, 2017 · by Jessica Mills ·

We’re seeing tremendous enthusiasm about Akamai for DevOps these days, so we’ve created the Akamai for DevOps World Tour, presently rolling out across the globe to a city near you. Each tour date will include an Akamai for DevOps overview and our roadmap, as well as hands-on tutorials that will introduce you to the capabilities of the Akamai CLI and our latest third-party integrations. We want you to be able to test drive our DevOps tools, ask live questions, and network with Akamai for DevOps experts and the fine folks in your local developer and admin community. We’ll have food and beverages, and of course some fun giveaways.

We know how essential DevOps is for developers and admins today, and at Akamai we’re committed to ensuring that you consistently have superior tools for your DevOps workflow. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to check out our latest and greatest DevOps capabilities that you can start using right now.

Find a city near you and register today >

Rock on, DevOps fans. We look forward to seeing you there!

Regards, The Akamai Developer Relations Team