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Manage the Impact of Scripts and Get Protection From Unresponsive Third Parties

December 12, 2017 · by Ted Shuter ·

In earlier blog posts, I covered Adaptive Acceleration—Akamai's intelligent solution to continuously apply performance optimizations with zero development effort—from three angles: an overview, Learning Engine, and Resource Optimizer. Now, for this final post, I want to highlight Adaptive Acceleration’s newest feature: Script Management.

To illuminate why we think you’re going to be excited about Script Management, let’s start with the issues it’s designed to address: JavaScripts continue to grow exponentially in size and frequency, especially those from third parties. These third-party scripts can come from a variety of sources, including different groups within your own organization via tag managers, and can sometimes have a chaotic effect on your site. Third-party scripts often also introduce an additional risk, where certain scripts can completely block your site from loading.

Script Management, a new feature of Adaptive Acceleration that’s now available in Ion Beta Channel, leverages the Learning Engine to understand all scripts on your site. This understanding includes key insights into scripts’ impact on your web performance, and simple tools to take actions to mitigate their impact.

But it’s more than just insights and tools: enabling Script Management will also automatically protect your pages from unresponsive third parties, a phenomenon that’s typically called “single point of failure” (SPOF). When third parties become unresponsive, Script Management will automatically defer the script, allowing the page to continue loading.

Here’s a look at the Script Management UI, to give you an idea of the information and controls you’ll see:


FAQ on Script Management:


Do I need anything specific to get Script Management?

Yes. Be sure to add Ion Beta Channel via the Akamai Marketplace in Luna, or contact your partner/sales rep.

How do I know if Script Management is working on my site?

Script Management uses service worker technology on the client side. In order to function properly, the Script Management service worker must be properly loaded and installed by the browser. Currently, the Script Management service worker does not install when a page has an existing service worker installed.

I'm not seeing any scripts listed in Script Management (and/or not seeing any scripts on a specific page). Why?

Script Management depends on RUM data to create the insights. Please make sure RUM is enabled and check that you have data for the last 12 hours in the RUM reports. Otherwise, you may not be seeing correct script data.


More on Script Management


For additional insight and information on Script Management and Adaptive Acceleration, see our video of the Developer General Session presentation at Edge 2017 (the Adaptive Acceleration portion begins at 33:18).

Adaptive Acceleration is available with Ion, Ion Premier, and Ion Media Advanced. To get started with Adaptive Acceleration right now just log into Luna, where you can try Ion via the Akamai Marketplace. Or if you’re an existing Ion customer, simply log into Property Manager and add the Adaptive Acceleration behavior to your property (note: the Adaptive Acceleration behavior requires that you enable both HTTP/2 and RUM on the same property). Here's a quick video walk-through that shows you exactly how to do it.

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Ted Shuter is a senior product manager for web performance at Akamai Technologies.