Akamai and Terraform

Akamai and Terraform: Akamai as Code

February 28, 2018 · by Davey Shafik ·

As part of our mission to remove friction when working with Akamai (which includes our Akamai for DevOps initiative), we want to "meet developers where you live". This means, among other things, creating plugins and integrations to make Akamai a first-class citizen in the tools you’re already familiar with.

We started with Akamai for WordPress as our first integration offering, then came Akamai Connector for Varnish, and today we want to talk about our latest offering: the Akamai Provider for Terraform.

If you’re not familiar with Terraform, it’s a tool that enables you to codify your infrastructure in a configuration file (using HCL) that is part of your change-management process — so the configuration is included in your revision control, peer review, and continuous integration and deployment processes. This configuration file can then be executed by Terraform to realize the infrastructure described within.

For example, to create an instance on AWS, you might use:

resource "aws_instance" "web" {  ami           = "ami-d6c5b0ac"  instance_type = "t2.xlarge" }

If you need ten instances, you add “count = 10” to the above, and it’ll automatically create ten identical instances.

We know that a lot of you depend on Terraform in your DevOps workflows, and the overwhelming feedback we’ve had is: “Akamai is the missing piece”.

No more. With Akamai Provider for Terraform, you can now automate:

  • Property Creation and Configuration Updates
  • Property Activation
  • DNS record management (using FastDNS)

We're working closely with HashiCorp to add the Akamai provider as a standard provider which will make it much easier to install and keep up to date.

Moving forward, our first priority is support for secure properties, and beyond that we are considering support for:

  • SiteShield
  • Global Traffic Management (GTM)
  • Cloudlets

If you’re interested in being part of the conversation, or just want to try out the provider, check out our Akamai Provider for Terraform GitHub page and file an issue, or submit a pull request.

Davey Shafik is a developer evangelist at Akamai Technologies.