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We Want You: the Script Management Beta Program

March 1, 2018 · by Carm Janneteau ·

Akamai Script Management is designed to help you easily manage the impact of scripts and get protection from unresponsive third parties on your site. My colleague Ted Shuter gives a terrific overview of Script Management here.

Now we’re looking for Script Management beta testers who are Akamai Ion customers, and we want you.

To assist in our recruiting, let me answer a few key questions you might have:

What are the key pain points with third-party scripts that Script Management addresses?

  1. Scripts can cause chaos on a website.
    Scripts can come from a variety of sources, including different groups from within organizations via tag managers, sometimes resulting in a chaotic effect on a site.
  2. Scripts can block a site from loading. 
    Third-party scripts often introduce an additional risk, where certain scripts can completely block a site from loading.

How does Script Management solve these pain points?

  • Manages the overall impact of scripts on your site.
  • Automatically protects a site from unresponsive third parties.
  • Discovers and mitigates performance impact from all scripts on a site, even from tag managers.
  • Leverages Service Workers to seamlessly apply optimizations.


How can I get access to the Script Management beta?

Step #1: Sign up for the beta. 

  • Go to Marketplace through the Luna Portal and add the Beta Channel for Ion product (it’s a zero-cost item in Marketplace).

Step #2: Add Script Management behavior.

  • Add the Script Management behavior to your Property Manager configuration.
  • Then go to Monitor > Script Management to explore the features.

We look forward to hopefully bringing you on board for this great beta program. Find out more about Script Management in the Script Management documentation.

Have questions? Email us anytime at

Carm Janneteau is a senior product manager at Akamai Technologies.