Cloudlets: Now Available in 30-Day Increments

May 17, 2018 · by Michael Bettendorf and Adam Newman ·

In order to provide our customers with a new level of flexibility, we are now offering monthly contract term options for our popular Akamai Cloudlets, the smart, scalable apps that operate at the edge to help simplify your web operations and improve user experience. The new contract options come in 30-day increments; for example, you can now purchase a Cloudlet application for 30, 60, or even 180 days—however many 30-day periods you may need to solve your use case.

This new pricing structure is available on all Akamai Cloudlet applications, including:

Application Load Balancer Visitor Prioritization Edge Redirector Phased Release API Prioritization Forward Rewrite Audience Segmentation Request Control Input Validation


Five Key Benefits of the New Contract Term Options

  1. Complete versatility: You can now purchase any Akamai Cloudlet for one month (or more) at a time and extend the term as it suits your needs, helping you to use your budgets more efficiently.
  2. Flexible start date: Your contract start date can be on any day of the month.
  3. Easy extensions: Need more time? No problem. You can add additional monthly increments to your contract at any point before the contract term expires.
  4. Existing pricing: Same pricing as today, just a shorter commitment period.
  5. Cancellations: You can easily execute cancellations through the existing Akamai cancellation process.


An Example Use Case

How might a company leverage this new pricing structure to their advantage? Glad you asked. Let’s say you’re an online retailer. As such, you have certain times in the year in which you see significant traffic spikes on your website: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Back to School, Labor Day, and President’s Day are five times in the year that you need extra protection from spikes to your origin. For this situation, you could deploy Akamai’s Visitor Prioritization Cloudlet. However, you don’t necessarily want to pay for Visitor Prioritization for the entire year. Instead, you can now purchase the Visitor Prioritization Cloudlet for these specific times throughout the year when you actually need and use the product.  

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Adam Newman is a product manager at Akamai Technologies.