Webinar: Introducing API Gateway

Akamai Developer Webinar: Introducing Akamai API Gateway

June 18, 2018 · by Jessica Mills ·

UPDATE: If you weren't able to attend this live webinar, you can still view a complete recording of the webinar here.

Akamai API Gateway is now available, and we’d like to invite you to an info-packed webinar to give you the full scoop. In short, API Gateway uses the Akamai Intelligent Platform to deliver API functionality at the edge, which means every Akamai edge server becomes an API gateway. As a result, API Gateway provides you with unprecedented, fine-grain control over API access, authorization, authentication, and request validation. Sound good? Join us at the introductory webinar on Thursday, June 28, 2018 at 10am PDT to learn more and ask questions of our product experts, live.

Webinar topics:

  • A complete overview of Akamai API Gateway
  • A deeper technical dive into how Akamai API Gateway works
  • Using Swagger or RAML to get started quickly
  • Authentication with JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
  • API key provisioning and management
  • Managing API quotas at the user or application level
  • Supercharging your APIs by coupling them with other Akamai solutions
  • Your questions, answered

Your brilliant and charming hosts for this webinar:

  • Alex Bascuas, principal architect, Akamai Technologies
  • Davey Shafik, developer evangelist, Akamai Technologies

Don’t miss this one. Get registered for the Akamai API Gateway webinar here.