Announcing, a New Tool to Audit and Evaluate Third-Party Scripts

June 21, 2018 by Nic Jansma is a new tool I recently created to evangelize best-practices for third-party scripts and libraries. is a YSlow-like developer tool that’s designed to run best-practice checklists on third-party scripts and libraries. While YSlow and other great synthetic testing tools (such as  Chrome’s Lighthouse) perform audits on entire websites, focuses on the individual third-party JavaScript files, validating that they won’t slow down your site or cause compatibility or security concerns.

What exactly is a third party? It’s any JavaScript script, library, widget, snippet, tag, ad, analytics, CSS, font, or resource that you include in your site that comes from somewhere else.

Third-party scripts have the ability to break your site, cause performance problems, leave you vulnerable, and cost you money.

There are many great providers of third-party scripts out there who are following best practices to ensure that their content is secure and performant. However, not every provider has followed best practices, and these mistakes can wreak havoc on your site.'s goals are to monitor popular third-party scripts, promote best practices, and to ensure that content providers can feel comfortable including third-party scripts and libraries in their site without worry.

Please check out the tool here.

By the way, is also a perfect complement to Akamai’s Script Management tool, with the two of them together providing you with an impressive and powerful third-party script solution.

Nic Jansma is a senior principal lead software engineer at Akamai Technologies.