Developer Webinar: Image Manager

Akamai Developer Webinar: Introducing Image Manager

July 12, 2018 · by Jessica Mills ·

UPDATE: If you weren't able to attend this live webinar, you can still view a complete recording of the webinar here.

Short videos and high-resolution imagery can greatly enhance the user experience on your website, but they can also impact performance and complicate the management of your assets across web and mobile devices. We created Akamai Image Manager to meet this challenge, allowing developers and admins to seamlessly manage the delivery and optimization of website images.

With Akamai Image Manager, users can automatically optimize videos as well as images. Developers and admins can now upload short videos and let Image Manager do the work, seamlessly managing the delivery of video assets in the right file format and resolution for the end user’s device, browser, and OS, while automatically compressing to optimal size without sacrificing visual quality.

And this new functionality is in addition to Image Manager’s existing image magic, which deserves a recap in case you’d forgotten: with Image Manager you can create and deliver any variant image you need with a simple change of URL. These variants include changes in size parameters, background color changes, applying watermarks, and much more. In addition, Image Manager’s recently released media viewer provides a simplified viewer implementation with automatic optimization that means fewer hassles for you. The viewer is also easily customizable so you can fine-tune it for your needs, further streamlining your workflow.

These are just a few key highlights of what Image Manager can do for you, so be sure to join this live webinar to see technical demos on how to use Image Manager and how to implement these features today. Plus, you’ll hear what’s to come later this year (we promise some compelling goodies!). Join us on Thursday, July 26, 2018, at 10am PDT to learn more and ask questions of our product experts, live.

Webinar topics:

  • What’s new with Akamai Image Manager
  • A technical demo of the new video capabilities
  • How Image Manager’s media viewer enhances the user experience
  • How Image Manager transforms images
  • The roadmap of what’s to come

Your brilliant and charming hosts for this webinar:

  • Mohammed Aboul-Magd, senior product line manager at Akamai Technologies
  • Javier Garza, developer evangelist at Akamai Technologies

Don’t miss this one. Get registered for the Akamai Image Manager live webinar here.

Jessica Mills is a senior manager, developer relations at Akamai Technologies.