Akamai Security Center

Announcing the Latest Release of Akamai Security Center

July 19, 2018 · by Craig Sparling ·

Today, we’re proud to announce that the newest release of Akamai Security Center is in general availability. Security Center’s overall goal is to deliver analytics from multiple security products in one space to help Akamai customers optimize their preparation and understanding of complex multi-vector attacks. With this release of Security Center, that goal is furthered by two key views we’ve just added to the product in addition to the existing range of security views. The new views are:

  • Prolexic Analytics
  • Web Security Analytics

Let’s take a look at what each of these new views offers you:

Prolexic Analytics:

  • Understand your security posture and any ongoing events using a network topology view via Prolexic’s network map-centric view
  • View maps and time series for each of your individual network components via multi-security config displays (instead of switching between each of multiple data centers)
  • View the link state of your network to understand which of your Tunnels/VLLs are seeing traffic, which are healthy and ready to receive traffic, and which are temporarily offline
  • View traffic shifts through multiple points of telemetry from Akamai edge servers to post-mitigation to transport to the customer’s edge (FBM)
  • View all alerts that have been raised across your Prolexic environment
  • Review the details of the attacks that have been launched against your network
  • See which prefixes are routed on to our network via the routable prefixes display
  • Export data as needed for time series and events via convenient CSV
  • For more information on Prolexic, go here.

Web Security Analytics:

  • Understand all of your attack traffic across multiple attack types
  • View characteristics of your attack traffic broken down across multiple dimensions
  • Apply any number of filters to zoom in on the specific attack traffic that you want to analyze
  • Analyze for false positives so that you can tune your security protections
  • Investigate which malicious sources are targeting your applications
  • Investigate whether your partners are using your APIs in a way that violates your policy
  • For more information on Web Security Analytics, go here.

You can access Security Center’s new release from "Monitor" --> "Security Center" in the Akamai Luna Control Center. Please note that during this transitional time the prior version is still available at “Security Center (legacy)”.

As a bonus, here’s a bit of Security Center screenshot eye-candy for you from the UI:

Web Security Analytics in Security Center 

Bot trends in Security Center

Routed maps in Security Center

Thank you and happy analyzing!

Craig Sparling is a product manager at Akamai Technologies.