How Scalability Planning Can Significantly Improve Your APIs

September 17, 2018 ·

"Scaling of the API at the design phase of the API is crucial to the success of API adoption in the long run," wrote Atoosa Rezai, a senior technical account manager here at Akamai, in her recent article published by ProgrammableWeb as part of their API University series.

When developers focus on what makes an API unique, they can sometimes miss one of the most important aspects of API development: properly scaling the API. To scale the API appropriately, developers must look into offloading the administrative functions of multiple APIs in their apps.  

In this article, Atoosa specifically explores offloading the authentication and authorization functions of an API to an API Gateway to provide scale. (Many developers, she notes, often create a separate authentication and authorization mechanism for each API, a process that can add complexity and hinder scalability.)  Read Atoosa's full article here.