Akamai Developer Webinar: 2018 October Release

October 10, 2018 · by Jessica Mills ·

NOTE: If the title of this blog post was sufficient, and you’re already eager to register for this webinar, by all means go here immediately.

The Akamai 2018 October Release is here, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it! We’re introducing a wide range of technologies that make Akamai’s intelligent edge platform stronger than ever for developers and admins. In this live webinar, we’ll cover all of those technologies, including our latest initiatives and product enhancements around cloud security, DevOps, and web performance.

We’ll also take a deeper dive into our enhanced Akamai CLI for Property Manager—specifically showcasing the new Akamai Pipeline and Configuration Snippets features—that will help you and your teams to accelerate development, work independently, and continue automating your DevOps workflow. And we know how important the management of third-party scripts is, so you’ll see our newly released Script Management, which gives you advanced protection and visibility so you can take appropriate action.

Be sure to join this live webinar on Tuesday, October 30, 2018, at 10am PDT for an overview of new enhancements you can get started with today and deep dives into a few key highlights.

Webinar topics:

  • Learn about (and ask our product experts about) current and new Akamai offerings that are part of the 2018 October Release

  • Take a deeper look at the enhanced Akamai CLI for Property Manager

  • See a live demo of the new Akamai Pipeline, which promotes your configuration changes automatically while also enabling teams to own different pieces of your configuration to work independently and in parallel

  • Take a deep dive into Akamai Script Management to see the effects third-party content is having on your page and how to easily defer or block problematic scripts


Your brilliant and charming hosts for this webinar:

  • Carm Janneteau, Senior Product Manager, Akamai

  • Ted Shuter, Product Line Director, Akamai

  • Sid Phadkar, Product Manager, Web Experience, Akamai

  • Amol Mathur, Director of Products and Strategy, Cloud Security, Akamai


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Jessica Mills is a senior manager of developer relations at Akamai Technologies.