Cache GraphQL

Video: Cache GraphQL Responses to Increase Offload and Reduce Costs

October 10, 2018 · by Jan Marszalek ·

The latest release of Akamai API Gateway builds on the formidable core features we launched in version 1.0. One of the new features we think you’ll love is API Gateway’s ability to cache GraphQL responses.

Here’s why this is key: many companies are moving to GraphQL for their APIs, but there is no native caching capability in GraphQL. With API Gateway, you can now cache the GraphQL responses similarly to your RESTful APIs to increase your offload and reduce the need to build and maintain on-prem infrastructure to process GraphQL requests.

Watch the demo video above to see GraphQL caching in action and how it can help you increase offload and reduce costs. Once you've watched out tutorial, check out Jeff Costa's blog post going deeper into how to get relief from your API pain with GraphQL here.

Jan Marszalek is a senior lead software engineer at Akamai Technologies.