Announcing v2 of the Network List API

November 14, 2018

As part of our improved user experience program, we are pleased to release v2 of the Network List API.

Based on your feedback, the new v2 API provides improved performance and a developer experience that’s consistent with our other security APIs.

New features

The v2 release also offers new features, including the ability to unsubscribe from Network List update emails and get the detailed status of an activation.

What will happen to Network List API v1?

The Network List API v1 is now deprecated and will be removed from service in March 2019. Upgrading to v2 is straightforward, and we’ve produced a v1 -> v2 migration guide to help you out.

I’m using one of the Network List CLI packages. Do I need to do anything?

We don’t provide an official Akamai Network List CLI, because our community produced an outstanding CLI on their own. We’ll work with the project maintainers to migrate this CLI to the new v2 API.

As always, thanks for being a valued Akamai customer.