Akamai Billing Center API v1 End-of-Life Notice

January 17, 2019

As Akamai’s API catalog evolves, some of our older APIs need to be decommissioned over time.

All active users of Akamai Billing Center API v1 should note that as of June 20, 2019, we will no longer support the v1 version of the Billing Center API.

To minimize disruptions to your integration with Akamai’s platform, we recommend upgrading to Akamai Billing Center API v2 as soon as possible. After June 20, 2019, calls to the v1 legacy API will return an error.

For more information about how to best migrate from Billing Center API v1 to v2, please refer to the migration instructions at the following link:

Billing Center API v2 documentation

As always, thanks for being a valued Akamai customer.