Announcing Updates to Akamai’s Cloud Security Products

March 18, 2019 · by Eric Graham ·

As we relentlessly strive to improve the user experience for Akamai customers, I wanted to take a moment to highlight some specific updates coming to our Akamai cloud security products in the next few months. As we roll out these improvements—which will continue from now through June—banner messaging will appear in your Akamai interface to inform you of the latest changes.

Meanwhile, let’s do an overview: at a high level, what's changing over the next few months? Here are the five key areas:

1. Network List API

In 2018, we introduced v2 of the Network List API, which offered greater performance, simplified user experience, and new capabilities. Accordingly, the v1 API backend will soon be disabled; if you’re still leveraging the v1 API, please review the Migration Guide: Network List API v1 to v2 as soon as possible.

2. Reporting and emailed reports

We’ve enhanced the reporting available in Akamai Security Center to provide you with better functionality and user experience, including:

  • Your schedule reports—like WAF Trends, Bot Trends, and Reputation Trends—will be delivered over email
  • You'll have the ability to select multiple security configurations to aggregate into a single report view
  • You'll have the ability to download the following report data from Akamai’s Web Security Analytics:

Download Timeline Data: CSV download of time series data


Download Statistical Data: CSV download of up to 1,000 top values for filtered dimensions

CSV download

Download up to 1,000 sample log lines as either CSV or JSON

Download up to 1K

3. Compliance management dashboard

The compliance management dashboard is being phased out. The latest versions of Akamai’s compliance documentation (for PCI, BITS, FISMA, HIPAA, ISO, etc.) will continue to be available from your Akamai representative.

4. Site Shield management

We’re updating the user experience for Akamai Site Shield, which will now include the capability to roll back a previously accepted Site Shield update. The Site Shield API will remain unchanged, continuing to deliver the performance and reliability you expect.

5. Security Configuration

There are a number of enhancements in this area. Please read my colleague Pawan Bajaj's new blog post for complete details on the updates to Akamai's Security Configuration application.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned, as we’re always trying to make the Akamai cloud security offerings better for you.

Eric Graham is a senior product line director at Akamai Technologies.