Announcing Upgraded and More Secure Prolexic Attack Reports

May 23, 2019 · by Ankita Kharya ·

One of our primary goals when fighting an attack for our Prolexic customers is to share as much attack information as possible in a quick and secure manner. This process occurs with close coordination between Akamai’s Security Operations Command Center (SOCC) and customers by maintaining runbooks, communicating via various channels, and sending post-action attack reports. These attack reports are delivered to customers after any SOCC action is taken to mitigate an attack; they include critical attack details such as vectors, origin, timing, bandwidth, packet rate, target(s), and more. The reports have traditionally been shared with Prolexic customers via email attachments and through the Luna Control Center.

To improve this reporting system, we recently released an enhanced version of Prolexic attack reports that make key information—including a couple of new categories of data—available to customers in an even more secure way.

First, the new categories of data: packet capture (PCAP) and top Source IPs (SIPs) have now been added to the attack reports to give customers even deeper threat insights.

Second, the improved ways to receive and view the reports: we’ve moved away from email attachments to a more secure and reliable distribution method via the new Akamai Control Center (i.e., the next generation of the Luna interface). Customers will now receive a link in attack report emails that will direct them to the secure Routed Events portal within Akamai Control Center to view the reports. In the portal, customers will get detailed attack information as well as a complete view of all the attacks that have happened in the past 90 days. For longer retention, customers will have an option to print or save the reports in PDF format.

To view the new reporting experience, just click the link in the attack report notification email from Prolexic. This will open the attack in Security Center's Routed Events portal as seen below (note: to print or download the report as a PDF, click the print button, circled in green).

attack report

The downloaded PDF of the report will look like this:

attack report as a PDF
Sample of a downloaded attack report in PDF format

We hope that these upgraded and more secure attack reports will help Prolexic customers improve their security stance even further. Meanwhile, we will continue striving to constantly improve Prolexic’s product and customer experience.

Ankita Kharya is a product manager at Akamai Technologies.