How-To: Installing the Akamai API Gateway CLI Package

June 3, 2019 · by Jeff Costa ·

If you’d prefer not to write to Akamai's APIs to control Akamai API Gateway, you now have another option: our command-line interface (aka Akamai CLI). Specifically, the new Akamai API Gateway CLI package allows you to control 12 common API Gateway functions using a non-GUI interface — and without writing a line of code. This helps you script or automate repetitive or common tasks for daily use. This blog post will show you how to install the CLI and the API Gateway CLI package.

To begin, you can grab a binary version of the core CLI components (a prerequisite for installing the API Gateway CLI package) from this Github repo and then install.

If you’re a Mac user and you have Homebrew, you can install the CLI and the API Gateway package with a couple of invocations. Here's how:

  • Update Homebrew before beginning:
    $ brew update
  • Install Golang as a prerequisite:
    $ brew install golanginstall golang


  • Install the core CLI components:
    $ brew install akamaiinstall akamai CLI


  • Install the API Gateway CLI package:
    $ akamai install api-gatewayinstall API Gateway package


  • Step through the install:
    • Accept or reject sending diagnostics to Akamai to help improve the product.
    • The install will proceed automatically:install proceeding automatically


The API Gateway CLI package is now installed, and you can begin using it. It presents a number of commands to get you started; we'll cover how to use those commands in an upcoming post, so stay tuned.

Jeff Costa is a senior product manager at Akamai Technologies.