Announcing Two New Security Reporting Capabilities

June 5, 2019 · by Amol Mathur ·

No matter what your business is, staying on top of security events and trends is always a priority for developers, admins, and architects. In order to give you a new level of continuous insight into this area, we’re enhancing four of Akamai’s flagship security products: Kona Site Defender, Web Application Protector, Bot Manager, and Client Reputation. By July 2019, these enhancements will let you take advantage of two important new reporting capabilities:

1. Multiple configuration select: With the multiple configuration select capability, you can view any of the four reports listed below and aggregate data across multiple selected configurations of the reports:

  • Web Security Dashboard
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) Trends Report
  • DoS Trends Report
  • Bot Trends Report

2. Scheduled reports: With the scheduled reports capability, you can schedule any of the four reports listed below to be sent to an email address as a formatted PDF:

  • Web Application Firewall Trends Report
  • DoS Trends Report
  • Bot Trends Report
  • Reputation Trends Report

Here’s a deeper look at each of these two new reporting capabilities:

Multiple configuration select

To see WAF and DoS trends on the Security Dashboard in Security Center, with this new capability you will be able to select multiple configurations from the drop-down menu shown below. This lets you view data that you want to see aggregated across all the selected configurations. You’ll also have more ways to visualize your security trends across your entire web estate (or a to only view a subset of it) based on your specific needs and goals.

mutiple config select
Figure 1: Multiple configuration select drop-down in Security Center’s Security Configuration dashboard

Scheduled reports

The WAF, DoS, Bot and Client Reputation trend reports can be scheduled to send you a PDF report for specific views and different time periods. The button to access the scheduled report panel is located next to the data selector in the upper-right corner of the window. In Figure 2 below, it’s circled in red:

scheduled reports
Figure 2: Scheduled Reports button in the upper-right corner of Security Center’s WAF Trends dashboard

Available reports that you can schedule include Previous Day, Previous Week, and Previous Month. For example, if you schedule a Previous Week report to be delivered on Tuesday, on the next Monday, that report will be emailed to you; you can then review it, and distribute it on Tuesday.

When you schedule a specific report with a specific view, a job is automatically created (see “Jobs” window in Figure 3, below). Scheduled jobs can be enabled, disabled, or deleted at any time. If you click “Apply current report filter to this job” (at lower right in Figure 3, below), the scheduled job will apply those filters to the scheduled report.

scheduled reports dashboard
Figure 3: The “Apply current report filter to this job” link, circled in red


Figure 4: Scheduled report with SQL Injection filter applied, circled in red


By July 2019, Akamai will roll out these new capabilities to all users of the Security Center application.

Note: Legacy reports under the Monitor tab of the Akamai Control Center (traditionally known as Luna) that were already configured for “Email Report” functionality will not be migrated automatically, so you will need to set up new scheduled reports per the method discussed above. All legacy reports will be phased out by June 26, 2019.

As always, we hope you’ll take advantage of these new enhancements as we continue working to improve the Akamai security offerings for you.

Amol Mathur is a product line director at Akamai Technologies.