Introducing the Akamai Developer Trial: Take Akamai’s Top Products for a Test-Drive

Today, we're excited to introduce the Akamai Developer Trial, a free 90-day Akamai account that developers and admins can use to test-drive Akamai’s top products. With the trial, you’ll be able to try a wide range of activities — including working with properties and creating credentials to test out Akamai APIs — and do it all without touching your production properties.

Each account comes with access to the new Akamai Control Center (the next generation of the Luna interface) so you can get familiar with all the improvements we’ve made. In addition, the trial gives you full access to Akamai’s platform APIs as well as APIs for each of the products included in the trial bundle.

Products included in the Developer Trial

The Akamai Developer Trial provides you with access to the following products:

  • Ion: Deliver high-performance web and mobile applications
  • Image Manager: Automate your image and video optimization, using the UI or APIs
  • mPulse: Monitor real user behavior on your applications
  • API Gateway: Maximize scalability and reliability by offloading API governance to the Edge
  • Cloudlets: Easily deploy application logic at the Edge
  • NetStorage: Store and automate your content-replication and distribution for resiliency
  • Enterprise Application Access: Centralize and secure your application access controls

To get started, fill out this form to get your free Akamai Developer Trial account, and once your credentials have been granted you’ll be ready to roll.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll do with the Developer Trial. Start your test-drive today, and feel free to send us feedback or report issues at