October 2019 Release

The October 2019 Release: What's in It for Developers, Admins, and Architects

October 15, 2019 ·

Akamai announces two major releases per year (in March and October) in order to help you more easily keep up with new functionality and innovations. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with selected highlights of Akamai's October 2019 Release that we think are of particular interest for developers, admins, and architects.

Akamai API Gateway

JSON Web Key Set (JWKS)
To make the rotation of JSON Web Token (JWT) signing keys simpler and more seamless, we've added JSON Web Key Set (JWKS) functionality to API Gateway. This new feature, available now in beta, enables updates to signature keys quickly and routinely without interruption of service to your API clients. 

Request Rerouting
With API Gateway's new request rerouting capability, you can easily configure routing rules for inbound API requests to alternative origin servers, forward paths, headers, or ports. Request rerouting will be available in beta on October 31st.

For more, visit the API Gateway home page.

Akamai Bot Manager

With the October 2019 Release, Bot Manager provides you with new bot intelligence with unmatched visibility into the bot landscape, allowing you to both benchmark your bot traffic against your industry vertical and better understand the behavior and characteristics of bots coming to your site. The release also includes continued improvements to bot detections, scheduled reports, integrated reporting for multiple security configurations, Fast Activation for new properties, and a Site Shield API. Here's a bit more on a some of these new features:

Bot Intelligence Console
The Bot Intelligence Console is a new Akamai Security Center report that provides you with visibility into your bot traffic compared to your industry vertical or across the Akamai platform. The console also gives you the ability to look up and obtain specific intelligence on individual bots.

Improved detection accuracy for mobile
This new capability increases the granularity of data collected from mobile device sensors to improve bot detection accuracy when protecting endpoints supporting native mobile apps.

Category exceptions for Akamai-categorized bots 
This addition gives you the ability to create exceptions that will allow specific bots to bypass behavioral anomaly analysis detections, which helps you better manage "good bots" that are sending requests to endpoints protected by Bot Manager Premier.

For more, visit the Bot Manager home page.

Akamai EdgeWorkers

Today, Akamai EdgeWorkers moves into the beta phase. And here's why we think this is exciting news: EdgeWorkers is an all-new serverless computing capability designed to help developers easily customize web traffic. With EdgeWorkers, you can now manipulate JavaScript at the Edge, injecting business logic at the point of customer interaction to support contextual and low-latency use cases that will help create superior user experiences.

For more, visit the EdgeWorkers home page.

Akamai Image Manager

Animated GIF optimization
It’s no secret that animated GIFs are immensely popular on the web, and getting more popular all the time. There is, however, a major challenge in delivering these files: they can be quite large, which can make them a pain for developers to manage and deliver without adding substantial latency. But now there's a cure for the pain: Image Manager can now intelligently optimize and compress animated GIFs to automatically create all necessary derivative versions while maximizing byte savings. Image Manager will even convert animated GIFs to animated WebP files for optimal performance on Chrome.

For more, visit the Image Manager home page.

Akamai Ion

Annotations in mPulse for Script Management
Akamai Script Management, which helps you manage and mitigate the impact of third-party scripts on your website, now offers annotations through Akamai mPulse. This new capability is designed to give you a way to pinpoint exactly when performance settings were tuned, which helps you confirm the value of configuration changes in Script Management. (Script Management is part of the Adaptive Acceleration feature set in Akamai Ion.)

For more, visit the Ion home page and the Adaptive Acceleration home page.