Akamai Traffic Reports: New Features

December 12, 2019 · by Carm Janneteau ·

Akamai Traffic Reports in the Akamai Control Center now provide a number of new features that enable more robust insights into traffic and offloading activities!

Our new capabilities include the Traffic Report, which now provides the ability to see a new offload perspective that is based on filtering by cacheable content. Additionally, you can now filter by Group (typically representing contracts at the top level and then subgroups which could include users, properties, and hostnames) within the CP code selector so you can get a view of only the relevant properties. We’ve also reinstated our Top Visitors Report so you can view the top IP addresses to visit your site.

See What’s New

Filter by Cacheable Content

You can get deeper insights into offload by filtering by cacheable content.  To view only cacheable content, go to Akamai Reports in the Control Center and select “Cacheable” in the Cacheability module in the left-hand sidebar. 

Reporting dashboard shows a module in the dashboard that allows you to filter in order to see only cacheable content.

Filter by Group in the CP Code Selector

For even easier filtering, we added a Group filter. Now, you can more easily review reports on a specific set of properties by limiting the number of CP Codes to a Group.

The Group filter is accessible in the left-hand sidebar in your traffic report under Customer Data. You can select any Group(s), then select the CP codes that you want to view. This filter is available on the following reports: Page Views, Today's Traffic, Traffic, Traffic by Browser & OS, Traffic by Geography, URL Responses, URL Traffic, Origin Performance, SureRoute. Prefetching, and Top Visitors.

Image shows that you can filter by group in the CP Code selector of the Reporting dashboard.

View Your Top Visitor Report

By popular demand, the Top Visitor Report is back! This report enables you to see the Top IP addresses visiting your site. This is also available through our API!

Image shows that a report named Top Visitors has been added. This report shows the top IP addresses that have visited your site.

In addition, you can check out some of the other new features we've added:

Type of Report

Description of New Features

Today’s Traffic

  • Added the traffic by CP code table to traffic report 

  • Added the traffic by response class added to traffic report

Traffic by Browser and OS

  • Use the API or CSV to view a full list of browsers and operating systems 


  • With our powerful API - Choose granularity from 5 minutes worth of data to 1 month’s of data 

  • Added to the list of predefined custom date selections 

  • Improved widescreen support for a better user experience

*If you’re a customer, you can log in to view the docs.

How can you get access?

All these features are available for you to try out. If you haven’t tried them out yet, you can just go to your Akamai Traffic Reports to try them out; there’s no need to upgrade or set anything up. 

If you’re a customer, you can get to Traffic Reports via the Control Center. See below:

This image shows the control center, highlighting Traffic Reports in the left side-bar.

If you’re not an Akamai customer, you can still check out our new features (and much, much more) by signing up for our free trial for Ion, our web optimization product.

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