Akamai Developer World Tour: Everything at the Edge

Announcing the 2020 Akamai Developer World Tour 

February 3, 2020 · by The Akamai Developer Relations Team

Join us at the 2020 Akamai Developer Tour: Everything at the Edge.

The Akamai Developer World Tour is coming to a city near you this spring! Every year, the Akamai Developer team travels all over the world to bring you the latest updates on Akamai technology, hands-on experiences with our tools, and the opportunity to get to know you all a little better.

Our Mission

This year, we're coming back with more cities, richer content, and dedicated Akamai experts. This year, our mission is to show you how to create the most powerful user experiences using Everything at the Edge. 

What to Expect

We’ll start the day by looking into the new tools and techniques we’ve developed to improve and strengthen your DevOps strategy, including how you can use the Edge to supercharge and automate your workflow. Next, we’ll dive into a series of hands-on exercises, demos, and discussions to get you in touch with our products and tools and how they can help you in four areas:

  • Infrastructure 
  • Logic 
  • Testing
  • Security 

So, Akamai devs and admins - mark your calendars, pack up those laptops, and get ready for a day of fun, learning, and networking (plus, of course, some spectacular swag and yum-tastic food).

Agenda (10am-4pm)

  • Welcome
  • Infrastructure at the Edge
    • Learn how to leverage the Edge to create robust and fast user experiences.
    • Lab: Learn how to set up and manage your properties using the Akamai CLI.
  • Logic at the Edge
    • Explore different web performance products to help automate your workflow.
    • Lab: Customize your web traffic with Akamai EdgeWorkers.
  • A tour through Akamai for DevOps
  • Lunch (provided)
  • Testing at the Edge
    • Learn how to test at every stage of development.
    • Lab: Get hands-on with the Akamai Sandbox.
  • Security at the Edge
    • Learn how to enhance your API security. 
    • Lab: Learn to apply robust security practices with Akamai Kona Site Defender.
  • Q&A