Configure Caching Easily with S-Maxage - Now in GA

March 6, 2020 · by Tushar Savant ·

Say hello to S-Maxage, now in GA for Dynamic Site Accelerator and Ion! We’ve seen a great interest in this new capability and we’re excited to announce that it’s finally here!

What are the Benefits?

  1. Easily configure caching directly at the origin rather than through the Akamai portal.
  2. Manage caching all in one place rather than toggling between different platforms. 
  3. Offload content on Akamai servers rather than overloading your origin.

With the S-Maxage support enabled in the new caching behavior, you can easily standardize your caching TTL across various CDN’s in a single setting. This will reduce the configuration overhead for caching and the added complexity due to it.

S-Maxage is Engineering Task Force’s cache-control directive, which outlines the caching framework for HTTP/1.1. It is especially useful for customers using multiple CDNs. It makes it much easier to configure caching across shared caches - in a single setting.

Now, with S-Maxage, If a response includes an S-Maxage directive for a shared cache, the maximum age specified by this directive overrides the maximum age specified by either the Max-Age directive or the Expires header.

Enable S-Maxage Support

Enabling S-Maxage is a Simple 3 step process:

  1. Go to Property Manager and create a new configuration or a new version of existing configuration

  2. Add either of the above options for Cache-Control 

    • Honor Origin Cache Control 



    • Honor Origin Cache Control and Expires 



  3. Save and activate

Note:   These options will be the same for creating a new Property Manager configuration and creating a new version from an existing Property Manager configuration.

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If you’re not an Ion or Dynamic Site Accelerator customer, you can try S-Maxage out by signing up for a free trial: 

You can also check out Property Manager Help for Caching Behavior and S-Maxage and other caching directives  to learn more.