Easily Manage Your Infrastructure with Terraform

Easily Manage Your Infrastructure with Terraform

March 27, 2020 · by Sid Phadkar ·

This blog is part of the Akamai Platform Release, where we’re giving you all the details about what Akamai has added and improved for developers! You can view all of our updates here.  

We’re excited to launch our NEW Akamai Terraform Provider - now in GA! 

A Little Background

A recent Forbes article outlined Terraform’s growing traction as the need for cloud infrastructure vendors expands. We’ve seen this trend in our developers who are looking to spin up infrastructure-as-code setups more and more often. 

We previously had a community supported provider, but it fell short of expectations when it came to a production-ready orchestration tool. 

We looked at the feedback you gave us about ease of setup and set out to improve your ability to leverage the full richness of Akamai configurations. 

So, in order to give our users a more practical tool, we completely rebuilt our Terraform provider from scratch. We even got it Hashicorp certified.

The Akamai Terraform provider now allows you to easily onboard and manage properties, manage DNS records and zones, and manage global load balancing settings.

Terraform, What is it Good For?

  1. Provides a standardized way to operate and maintain a local source of truth in a multi-cloud environment (typically GitOps)

  2. Enables parallel infrastructure resource execution (ie. spinning up many AWS instances or updating many Akamai properties at once)

  3. Allows you to create continuous integration pipelines enabled by Terraform variables and templates

  4. Requires no reliance on domain knowledge - UIs, API/CLI construction, Akamai ecosystem familiarity

  5. Provides an extremely simplified onboarding process aided by vendor templates

See a Demo

In the video below, you’ll see how you can onboard in 3 minutes. We’ll walk through how to spin up an AWS instance, assign it a static IP, CNAME it to Akamai, and deploy it to staging with one command and no Akamai domain knowledge. You’ll also get a sneak peek at how you can leverage templates, including using snippets to turn on an EdgeWorker without getting lost in a messy config. 

Akamai Terraform Provider Demo

To do even more with Terraform check out some advanced use cases put together by some of our in-house Terraform ninjas in this detailed blog.

Learn more about the Terraform Provider here

Access our ready-to-use templates and contribute your own examples in our Git repository here