Introducing Google Cloud Interconnect for Ion

October 5, 2020 · by Carm Janneteau ·

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Interconnect provides a direct connection, also known as a Private Network Interconnect (PNI), between Akamai and Google to improve the performance, control, and cost associated with the exchange of origin traffic. Connecting to Google through the PNI can reduce cloud provider egress costs and boost performance.

Akamai is committed to creating the best experience possible for cloud origin customers on the Akamai platform. We strive to deliver easy-to-use capabilities aligned with your workflows that enable access to benefits available through cloud providers. 

GCP Interconnect provides egress discounts as well as better performance by avoiding the congestion that can occur over the public Internet. This direct exchange is now available to Akamai Web Performance customers on GCP origins. 

Easy Setup  

The GCP Interconnect within your Akamai Web Performance setup is self-serviceable and is as simple as adding the behavior to your property manager configuration. Additionally, a GCP traffic report is available to confirm that traffic is going through the connection.

Customer Success Story: Early-Adopter Cuts Egress Costs

An early-adopter of GCP Interconnect was experiencing high egress costs associated with traffic going out from GCP. The additional expenses were challenging in the current economic climate, so the company decided to try the GCP Interconnect at Akamai for some financial relief.

Before GCP Interconnect, only 23% of egress traffic was discounted. Within days of implementation, GCP discounts extended to over 80% of egress traffic. The discounts translated into thousands of dollars in savings. 

Additional Origin Management Capabilities

Akamai offers several origin management capabilities designed to help you optimize your cloud traffic and utilization. GCP Interconnect is just another addition to our robust portfolio of origin management features for Akamai Media customers, which includes our Microsoft Azure Interconnect solution. We also offer a Cloud Wrapper to maximize origin offload, protect the origin from spikes in load which results in improved performance, and lower total cost of ownership for content distribution by avoiding high egress fees. You can learn more about what’s new in delivery, services, and support in our blog. 

Getting Started

If you are an Akamai customer, just reach out to your account team for more information and to get started. You can also sign up for a free trial of Ion, which includes support for GCP Interconnect and more.

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