Improve Script Management with New Data Insights and Notification Features

November 12, 2020 · by Alex Balford and Kunjal Botadra ·

Do you often worry about third-party content on your website and wonder about its impact on page performance? 

Third-party tools are ubiquitous and necessary in the modern web world. They aid many essential functions such as rendering ads, collecting analytics, connecting to social media, rendering A/B experiences, and so on - but third-party scripts are often also responsible for slowing pages down.

Akamai’s Script Management, available as a feature with Ion, enables website owners to effectively manage all first- and third-party scripts on your site without requiring any code changes. Script Management provides much-needed visibility into the origin of scripts and their impact on the page. 

With an easy to use interface, site administrators can start to defer or block unwanted scripts within minutes. Script Management also provides single point of failure (SPOF) protection by automatically detecting any third-party script outages. 

Single point of failure (SPOF) notifications

The new Akamai Control Center notifications inform you about SPOF events detected and prevented by Script Management. Notifications include the third-party URL that triggered the event, the start time and end time, and the frequency of the events. 

Script Management SPOF

Export detailed Script Management insights

Akamai Control Center users can now export detailed insights from the Script Management dashboard. This new feature allows the download of raw data, which can then be shared easily with development and other internal teams for offline analysis. Simply click on the download button above the insights grid to get a copy of your data in CSV format.


Chrome Policy Tester improvements

To allow site owners to experiment and quickly verify the impact of deferring or blocking scripts in their local environments, we have a user-friendly Script Management Chrome extension.

In a previous blog that we published on the Akamai Developer blog, we walk through how to install and get started with the Chrome extension. Our latest release includes additional insights, that were previously only available in the Akamai Control Center

With the Chrome extension, you can now view the following: 

  • Transfer time

  • Transfer size

  • Analysis for individual scripts



Script Management now includes the following new features: 

  • SPOF notifications

    • View third-party URL that triggered the event

    • See the start time and end time

    • Monitor the frequency of events

  • Export detailed Script Management insights

    • Download your data in CSV format.

  • Chrome Policy Tester Improvements

    • View transfer time

    • View transfer size

    • Review analysis for individual scripts

If you are an Akamai Ion customer, you can turn on Script Management to start discovering and experimenting with our new features. If you are not currently an Ion customer, sign up for the free trial to take our features for a test drive.