Edit and Validate Property Manager Configurations in Your Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

April 28, 2021 · by Iga Koprowska ·

We’re proud to announce the beta release of the Property Manager extension for the two most popular IDEs: Visual Studio Code and Eclipse

When you deploy web assets to the Akamai network, you create rules that tell our edge servers how to process requests for your content. Akamai is always seeking ways to make managing complex configurations seamless and quick. With the Property Manager extension, you can edit and validate Property Manager API (PAPI) JSON rule trees right from the IDE. Once you've updated and validated the configuration file, push it back to the platform with PAPI or Akamai command-line interface (CLI).

We hope this innovation provides a developer-friendly experience that enables great gains in efficiency. Our development plans include further improvements within VS Code and Eclipse so that you can manage more and more Property Manager workflows directly from the plug-in.

What’s Supported Today?

Discover what’s so powerful about this new solution:

  • Editing rules, adding behaviors, and criteria


  • Syntax highlighting

  • Syntax autocomplete based on your Akamai product


  • Inline JSON syntax checker

  • Property Manager variables support

  • Rule tree validation

  • Error handling with links to problematic code lines


What’s Coming Next?

Since this is just the initial release of the Property Manager extension, we’re already looking at a bunch of improvements and new features:

  • External resources – Access dynamic lists for external resources, such as hostnames or content provider (CP) codes

  • New properties – Create new properties directly from the IDE using default product templates

  • Rule templates — Use default and custom rule templates

  • Publish to Sandbox — Save and publish configurations to a developer sandbox for testing

  • Publish to Portal — Save and publish configurations from IDE

Want to Learn More?

You can find the full documentation for this extension, including code examples and getting started tutorials, on the VS Code and Eclipse marketplace pages.

Got Questions or Feedback?

User opinions are very valuable to us, so we encourage you to try out the initial version and share your feedback on the Property Manager plugins for VS Code and Eclipse IDEs. We’d love to hear what you think.