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Visit Akamai at the DeltaV Conference, May 10-11

We’re proud to be a sponsor of the first-ever DeltaV Conference, to be held May 10-11 in London, where webperf fans from around the world will come together for two days of inspiring talks from elite web performance experts. As the world’s largest, most trusted cloud delivery platform, Akamai...

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Akamai CLI, Now With NPM Install

Earlier this year we introduced the Akamai CLI, a new way to manage and configure Akamai from the command line, and our customers have been very excited about it. Along the way, several customers asked if there’s an easier method for installing the binary and getting started. We noticed...

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Announcing Akamai for DevOps

In today’s hyper-connected world, businesses need to move at the speed of light in order to deliver an amazing digital experience and to stay ahead of the competition. With the rise of DevOps, developers and IT professionals can deliver new code and features faster than ever before. And pushing...

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Introducing Akamai CLI

The Akamai CLI gives developers a completely new way to interact with their Akamai cloud delivery configurations. Akamai CLI is your toolkit for working with Akamai on the command line. It delivers a unified and extensible developer experience for anyone who needs to work with, or automate Akamai. We...

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