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Get Started with the Akamai APIs

Looking for the best way to get started working with the Akamai APIs Check out our Get Started section for a step-by-step tutorial guiding you through the steps needed to make that first successful call. The tutorial should take less than 30 minutes to work through, and will give...

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Akamai Edge 2016 Recap

For this year’s Akamai Edge Conference we massively expanded our developer outreach with our first ever Developer Zone; an area of the conference created entirely for our developer community. It was a great success, with some attendees spending the majority of their time in the Developer Zone getting hands-on with new...

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Akamai for WordPress Beta Now Available

WordPress powers a huge number of websites and blogs globally, it is one of the top CMSs with over 27% of the global market, it’s responsible for some of the biggest sites out there. At Akamai, where we handle almost one third of all internet traffic, we...

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Announcing Property Manager Variables

Property Manager now includes support for variables, providing additional control and self serviceability. Variables work with all Akamai products that are configured using Property Manager, and are fully supported by the Property Manager API (PAPI). If you’ve done any kind of programming and have some experience with the Property...

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