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Does Android’s Battery-Saver Degrade the Mobile Web Experience?

Modern websites rely on computationally-heavy Javascript, stylesheets, and imagery to generate aesthetically pleasing experiences for their users. To achieve maximum user engagement and yield a potential website conversion, a typical mobile website today downloads hundreds of resources from dozens of first- and third-party services. These resources help personalize the...

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Diving Deeper into Android O

It’s Google I/O season, and that means announcements. In my previous post, Google I/O 2017: What’s New for Android Developers, I hit the high points, and in this post I want to go deeper into what Android offers developers, some problems that have been solved, and the changes you need to make to your apps. Let’s...

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Google I/O 2017: What’s New for Android Developers

Google announced several new products and product updates in its annual developer conference, Google I/O. Most of the talked about features in the keynote were related to products relying on Machine Learning, and demonstrated how far these products have come in the last year. One major highlight is Google Lens, which...

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