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Recap: Akamai Developer at Velocity + Fluent San Jose 2018

We had a blast meeting and talking DevOps and web performance with everybody at the Velocity + Fluent conference in San Jose earlier this month. In case you missed any of the Akamai Developer sessions, you can find recordings below. We had four popular speakers that you’ll want to...

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Maximize API Security with API Gateway and Kona Site Defender

APIs are a key catalyst in digital transformation, empowering companies to create new and innovative business models. At the same time, APIs can increase threat vulnerability and attack surface. A lack of appropriate API protection can expose you to downtime and malicious attacks, including unintended misuse by legitimate users....

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Improve API Performance with Caching

When it comes to API caching, we’ve found that many developers want to get a deeper understanding of how it works and the benefits it provides. We’ve also observed that adoption of API caching has been limited by a lack of tools to define and manage caching rules for...

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How-To: Improve Your Application-Caching Results with API Gateway

Recently we posted about how you can improve API performance with caching. Now let’s see how Akamai can improve our application-caching results using CDN delivery, routing, and response caching capabilities. In the test described below, we utilized a test API to compare throughput rates with and without caching on...

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Demystifying API Rate Limiting

APIs are the “digital glue” that integrates and connects infrastructure, services, devices, and users. With the proliferation of APIs in almost every organization, it‘s essential to have a mechanism in place to manage and govern them. That’s why we introduced Akamai API Gateway, which makes it easier for you...

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How-To: Onboarding Your API with Akamai API Gateway

Akamai API Gateway is a brand-new product designed to help you deploy your APIs on Akamai’s cloud delivery platform to simplify governance and maximize reliability. The best way for you to learn about the impressive capabilities of API Gateway is to onboard your own API, so let’s get right...

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