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Getting Started with Application Security APIs and CLI

In a world where web applications are continuously evolving and deploying at a breakneck pace, automating web application security is more important than ever.  That’s why we’re excited to share our Application Security API and corresponding Akamai CLI for Application Security for use in beta to help you automate...

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Announcing Akamai CLI for Firewall Rules

With this week’s announcement of Akamai CLI 1.0 as a part of the 2018 Spring Release, now seems like a great time to highlight new functionality for Akamai CLI. First, a bit of background on this one: In order to secure origin infrastructure, many companies opt to disallow all...

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Announcing the Akamai 2018 Spring Release

The Akamai 2018 Spring Release includes a wide range of product improvements, and in this blog post I’ll give you a brief overview of what’s available, or in some cases, coming soon. I don’t want you to lose sight of the forest for the trees, so I won’t go...

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Introducing Akamai CLI

The Akamai CLI gives developers a completely new way to interact with their Akamai cloud delivery configurations. Akamai CLI is your toolkit for working with Akamai on the command line. It delivers a unified and extensible developer experience for anyone who needs to work with, or automate Akamai. We...

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