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Feature Toggle and Dark Release with Akamai

Feature toggle is a technique that allows you to release functionality or modify system behavior without changing application code. This allows you to do “dark releases” where nobody, or only a select group of users, can access the new functionality in a production environment. There are a number of reasons...

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Deliver Code with Zero Downtime

Software delivery has changed significantly over last ten or so years. These days, software needs to be delivered frequently, without service interruption, with zero downtime and no impact on end users. Mike Kevis illustrated this process very nicely in his article on the evolution of software engineering practices over a...

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Akamai for DevOps Use Cases

Some of the most common questions we’re getting from Akamai Developers center around how they integrate Akamai into their companies’ DevOps workflows. Akamai for DevOps empowers developers with the ability to configure and automate workflows, tools for real-time management, and operations, and then extend that logic to the Edge....

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