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Introducing Custom Behaviors for Property Manager/PAPI

Advanced metadata serves an important role in the configuration ecosystem, providing custom functionality that cannot be configured via Akamai product features alone.  See the advanced metadata overview for more details on advanced metadata. However, advanced metadata as it’s typically used does have some known weaknesses (spoiler alert: we can...

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Greetings developers! Today we’re announcing PAPI GA (General Availability). For all you early adopters, we appreciate your patience; you helped us make it faster and better. We know the wait is worth it! The Property Manager API, or PAPI, lets you programmatically manage the configuration of your web content on...

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Advanced Metadata: A Brief Overview

Akamai products offer a broad set of features to let you control how edge servers process your traffic. Property Manager/PAPI features are organized as nested rules, and most of the time, these built-in features are all you need. Especially now with support for variables, you can design very complex...

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You Asked for It: PAPI Enhancements

Greetings Property Manager API (PAPI) developers. We’ve listened to your feedback and made some important enhancements to PAPI. Briefly: You should upgrade to the new rule format “v2016-11-15” You have four more built-in variables to use We’re making significant performance enhancements to PAPI Update to New Rule Format “v2016-11-15” In order to keep your code from...

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PAPI Tricks and Tips: Use a Datastore to Access Property Info Quickly

As an API Evangelist, I travel around the world to visit our customers and help them get up and running with our APIs. While doing this, I collect requests to bring back to our engineering teams and sometimes come up with different ways for customers to interact with our...

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Announcing Property Manager Variables

Property Manager now includes support for variables, providing additional control and self serviceability. Variables work with all Akamai products that are configured using Property Manager, and are fully supported by the Property Manager API (PAPI). If you’ve done any kind of programming and have some experience with the Property...

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