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Learning and Adapting to DevOps

I’m in a professional services role associated with content delivery, and as such, I’ve been a bit removed from actual development. You could say I’d lost touch with my coding background. However, over the last 6-8 months, I’ve been focusing on DevOps at Akamai, and swimming in the deep end of...

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Automatically Clone Your Config with PAPI

There are times when you want to automatically clone and edit a configuration, rather than doing it manually through Luna. By using the Property Manager API (PAPI), you can do exactly that. This is particularly beneficial in the case where you have a “Master Config” with all the required...

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Akamai Developer Cheat Sheets

At the 2016 Akamai Edge Conference we handed out brand new developer cheat sheets. If you missed us there, you can download the PDFs and print them out. These are great posted on your wall, or otherwise kept handy for quick reference. You can read about each cheatsheet below, or get them all in...

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