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Akamai CLI Packages

The Akamai CLI is as extensible as you need it to be. We have a growing list of CLI packages that you can install to manage all your needs via the command line. 

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Browse all of our CLI packages below, organized in alphabetical order. 



Adaptive Acceleration

  • Reset the A2 push
  • Preconnect optimizations manually
  • Add to your continuous deployment environment

API Gateway

  • Enforce user quotas
  • Offload API governance to the Edge
  • Maximize scalability
  • Improve the reliability of your apps and websites

Application Security

  • Access and modify your security configs
  • Create, update, activate, and export versions of a security config
  • Add, modify, or delete custom rules and assign policy actions
Client Access Control
  • Manage access between your web assets and the edge servers on the Akamai network
  • Retrieve information about the CIDR blocks that currently connect your content to the Akamai network
  • Teview the changes and send an acknowledgement to Akamai once you update your Access Control List
Certificate Provisioning System
  • View certificate details
  • Generate audits
  • Check change status
  • Modify certificates and work with 3rd party certificates
  • Interact with the Akamai Cloudlets
  • Search policies
  • Retrieve, update, and activate policy versions
  • Identify, analyze, and troubleshoot common content delivery network issues that your users may encounter
  • Gather user data for hostnames experiencing issues
  • Get geographic and network location of an IP address 
Edge DNS
  • Prevent DNS forgery and manipulation
  • Create faster and more reliable DNS resolution
  • Simplify DNS infrastructure management 
  • Get debug information
  • Create namespaces
  • Get initialization status
  • Register, upload, and activate EdgeWorkers
  • Test EdgeWorkers functions on the Akamai Edge network
  • Shorten time to production
Enterprise Application Access (EAA)
  • View access logs including identification and application activity
  • View admin logs like admin portal access, config change, deployment, and deletion
  • Send the logs to a file
  • View firewall rules services
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe to firewall rules services
  • View and acknowledge Site Shield maps 
  • List CIDR blocks
Global Traffic Management
  • Decouple traffic management from the data center with cloud services
  • Improve load balancing failover
  • Modify traffic allocation and new website or application set-up to achieve greater network visibility and control
Image and Video Manager
  • Resize and maintain aspect ratio
  • Resize using manual hints
  • Dynamically crop
  • Auto-crop to face and render in black and white
  • Easily manage your content
  • Power and fast and reliable connectivity
  • Store data in multiple data centers and in different geographic locations
  • Support scalability by utilizing the Akamai Edge
  • Onboard a new Akamai Property Manager configuration using any flexible user-defined setup
Property Manager 1.0 (deprecated)
  • Use the Property Manager 2.0 CLI package for the most up-to-date features
Property Manager 2.0
  • Set up property snippets
  • Create and set up a new pipeline
  • Save and promote changes through the pipeline
  • Quickly purge content
  • Refresh content in under 5 seconds
  • Invalidate and delete content
  • Test property configs
  • Build and test new config versions
  • Reduce risk of production errors