CLI Documentation


Akamai CLI is an open-source project. We get our best ideas from our users, so feel more than welcome to propose any changes. Here’s a quick guide to contributing.

Prepare your environment

Before you start making any changes, perform the following:

1. Fork the repository you want to contribute to.

2. Fetch the latest changes from upstream. On the master branch, run:

$ git fetch --all

$ git rebase upstream/master

3. Create a new branch: 

$ git checkout -b reason-for-changes

Now you can work on your proposed changes to the CLI code.

Submit your changes

Once you’re ready to contribute back to the original repository, perform the following:

1. Commit your changes:

$ git add [files...]

$ git commit -m "DESCRIPTION OF CHANGES"

$ git push origin master

  1. Open a pull request against the master branch.