Akamai CLI for API Gateway

Akamai CLI for API Gateway allows you manage the Akamai API Gateway.


To install, use Akamai CLI:

akamai install api-gateway

You may also use this as a stand-alone command by downloading the latest release binary for your system, or by cloning this repository and compiling it yourself.

Compiling from Source

If you want to compile it from source, you will need Go 1.7 or later, and the Dep package manager installed:

  1. Fetch the package:
    go get
  2. Change to the package directory:
    cd $GOPATH/src/
  3. Install dependencies using dep:
    dep ensure
  4. Compile the binaries:
    • Linux/macOS/*nix:
    • go build -o akamai-api-gateway ./api-gateway
    • go build -o akamai-api-keys ./api-keys
    • go build -o akamai-api-security ./api-security - Windows:
    • go build -o akamai-api-gateway.exe ./api-gateway
    • go build -o akamai-api-keys.exe ./api-keys
    • go build -o akamai-api-security.exe ./api-security
  5. Move the binaries in to your PATH

API Gateway: Usage

akamai api-gateway [global flags] <command> [sub-command]


Global Flags