PREVIEW: Akamai CLI for Netstorage

NOTE: This tool is intended to be installed via the Akamai CLI package manager, which can be retrieved from the releases page of the Akamai CLI tool.

NOTE: This tool is only supported for use with ObjectStore, not with the older FileStore system. Any use of the tool to work with FileStore directories is unsupported.

This is under active development but ready for exploring and testing. Please open issues if you have questions or requests.


Make note of the following values:

Select the Storage Groups entity.

Once you have gathered all the values, run ‘akamai netstorage setup’ to save them to your system.


The Akamai Netstorage CLI is a utility for interacting with Akamai’s NetStorage platform from the command line.

Usage: akamai netstorage <command> <args> [options]

  setup                     Setup authentication for Netstorage
  du                        disk usage stats
  mkdir <directory>         create a new directory
  rmdir <directory>         delete a directory
  dir <directory>           view a directory structure
  quick-delete <directory>  recursively delete a directory
  list <directory>          view a directory listing
  upload <file>             upload a file
  download <file>           download a file
  delete <file>             delete a file
  rename <file> <location>  rename/move a file
  symlink <file> <target>   create a symlink
  mtime <file>              update modification time for a file
  stat <file>               see file information

Command options:
  --config <config>    Config file
                       [file] [default: ~/.akamai-cli/.netstorage/auth]

  --section <section>  Section for config file
                       [string] [default: default]

  --cpcode <cpcode>    Default CPCode

  --help               Show help
                       [commands: help] [boolean]

  --version            Show version number
                       [commands: version] [boolean]

Copyright (C) Akamai Technologies, Inc Visit for detailed documentation