Akamai CLI for Network Experience Analytics

The Network Experience Analytics (NEA) CLI provides you with statistics that depict the media, web, server, and network content quality of experience (QoE) your users have when accessing content from your network.


NOTE: This tool is intended to be installed via the Akamai CLI package manager, which can be retrieved from the releases page of the Akamai CLI tool.

$ akamai install network-experience-analytics


$ akamai network-experience-analytics <command>

You can also use the nea alias instead of network-experience-analytics, like so:

$ akamai nea <command>

The Actions section describes the available commands.



Retrieve the API service provider version.


usage: akamai network-experience-analytics service-version [--edgerc EDGERC]
                                                           [--section SECTION]

optional arguments:
  --edgerc EDGERC    full path to the .edgerc file
  --section SECTION  a section of the .edgerc to use


$ akamai network-experience-analytics service-version


Getting service version... [OK]


Query the API for a network experience report.


usage: akamai network-experience-analytics report [-j | -c] -g GROUP_ID
                                                  [--edgerc EDGERC]
                                                  [--section SECTION] -o
                                                  NETWORK_OPERATOR_ID -s
                                                  START_TIME -e END_TIME
                                                  [-k KPI [KPI ...]]
                                                  [-d DIMENSION [DIMENSION ...]]
                                                  [-u DIMENSION [DIMENSION ...]]
                                                  [-G REPORT_GRANULARITY]

optional arguments:
  -j, --json            format output as JSON
  -c, --csv             format output as CSV
  -g GROUP_ID, --group-id GROUP_ID
                        Luna portal group (context) numeric identifier
  --edgerc EDGERC       full path to the .edgerc file
  --section SECTION     a section of the .edgerc to use
                        network operator numeric identifier
  -s START_TIME, --start-time START_TIME
                        start time of the report, in ISO-8601 format
  -e END_TIME, --end-time END_TIME
                        end time of the report, in ISO-8601 format
  -k KPI [KPI ...], --kpis KPI [KPI ...]
                        list of KPIs to include in the report
  -d DIMENSION [DIMENSION ...], --ungrouped-dimensions DIMENSION [DIMENSION ...]
                        list of ungrouped dimensions to include in the report
  -u DIMENSION [DIMENSION ...], --grouped-dimensions DIMENSION [DIMENSION ...]
                        list of dimensions by which to group KPIs and other
                        (ungrouped) dimensions
                        granularity of report data, in seconds

Valid values for the --kpis argument:

KPI Description Argument Value
Average Bitrate avg-bitrate
Average Rebuffer Time per Play avg-rebuffer-time-per-play
Average Throughput avg-throughput
Bandwidth bandwidth
Bitrate bitrate
Bytes bytes
Client First Byte Time client-first-byte-time
Client Throughput client-throughput
DNS Lookup Time dns-lookup-time
Downshifts per Play downshifts-per-play
First Paint Time first-paint-time
Hits hits
Media QoE media-qoe
Overall QoE overall-qoe
Page Load Time page-load-time
Play Duration play-duration
Plays with Rebuffers plays-with-rebuffers
Plays ma-hits
Rebuffer Time per Minute rebuffer-time-per-minute
Rebuffers per Minute rebuffers-per-minute
Round Trip Time round-trip-time
Signal Strength signal-strength
Startup Abandonment Rate startup-abandonment-rate
Startup Time startup-time
TCP Connection Time tcp-connection-time
Upshifts per Play upshifts-per-play
Web QoE web-qoe

Valid values for the --ungrouped-dimensions and --grouped-dimensions arguments:

Dimension Description Argument Value
ASN asnum
Bitrate (kbps) bitrate-bucket
Cell cell
City city
Content Provider ID content-provider-id
Content Provider Name content-provider-name
Continent continent
Country country
Custom 1 reserved-dim-1
Custom 2 reserved-dim-2
Custom 3 reserved-dim-3
DNS Lookup Time (msec) dns-lookup-time-bucket
Day Part day-part
Device Type device-type
First Paint Time (seconds) first-paint-time-bucket
Format format
HD/SD hd-sd
Industry Vertical industry-vertical
Latitude latitude
Longitude longitude
Network Operator network-operator
Network Type network-type
Operating System operating-system
Page Load Time (seconds) page-load-time-bucket
Rebuffer Time Per Minute (seconds) rebuffer-time-per-minute-bucket
Rebuffers Per Minute rebuffers-per-minute-bucket
Region region
Round Trip Time (msec) round-trip-time-bucket
Startup Time (seconds) startup-time-bucket
TCP Connection Time (msec) tcp-connection-time-bucket
Time time



Run Unit Tests

$ cd bin
$ python -m unittest discover