Provides a way to onboard a new Akamai Property Manager configuration using any flexible user-defined setup. You can include any desired settings (subject to authorization and entitlements) such as:

Akamai CLI Install

%  akamai install onboard
%  akamai install property-manager (if not already installed)

Local Install


In order to use this module, you need to:

client_secret = [CLIENT_SECRET]
host = [HOST]
access_token = [ACCESS_TOKEN_HERE]
client_token = [CLIENT_TOKEN_HERE]

Example Usage

akamai onboard create --file /templates/sample_setup.json
akamai onboard create --file ~/path/to/setup.json

Setup JSON File Documentation

See templates/sample_setup.json file for an initial empty setup file. Details below

    "property_info": {
        "property_name": "",
        "secure_network": "ENHANCED_TLS",
        "contract_id": "ctr_",
        "group_id": "grp_",
        "product_id": "prd_",
        "rule_format": "latest",
        "default_cpcode": {
            "create_new_cpcode": false,
            "new_cpcode_name": ""

        "file_info": {
            "use_file": false,
            "source_template_file": "",
            "source_values_file": ""
        "folder_info": {
            "use_folder": false,
            "folder_path": "",
            "env_name": ""
    "public_hostnames": [
    "edge_hostname": {
        "mode": "use_existing_edgehostname",
        "use_existing_edgehostname": {
            "edge_hostname": ""
        "new_standard_tls_edgehostname": {},
        "new_enhanced_tls_edgehostname": {
            "ssl_cert_info": {
                "use_existing_enrollment_id": false,
                "existing_enrollment_id": "",
                "existing_slot_number": "",
                "create_new_ssl_cert": false,
                "ssl_cert_template_file": "",
                "ssl_cert_template_values": "",
                "temp_existing_edge_hostname": ""

    "activate_property_staging": false,
    "update_waf_info": {
        "add_selected_host": false,
        "waf_config_name": "",
        "update_match_target": false,
        "waf_match_target_id": ""
    "activate_waf_policy_staging": false,
    "activate_property_production": false,
    "activate_waf_policy_production": false,
    "notification_emails": [

Field Descriptions:

	"origin_default": "",
	"cpcode_default": 12345



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