Announcing The DevOps Zone at Edge World 2019


Get ready for four stellar days of presentations, demos, and discussions around how Akamai can help you work better and faster. Developers and admins will be coming from around the globe, the energy will be incredible, and we really want you to be there. Check out the items below, get inspired, and get registered.

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Start the countdown to a new learning experience

Start the countdown to a new learning experience.

There's an entirely new and fun way to learn Akamai launching in June, and we'd like you to be a part of it. Your journey begins in the DevOps Zone at Edge World 2019. Fasten your space belts, folks, it's going to be quite a ride.



We'll have an astoundingly full plate of developer- and admin-specific sessions for you in the DevOps Zone. Topics will range from API protection to image management to testing to bot management to, of course, DevOps.

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Mini Hacks


Mini-hacks in the DevOps Zone will provide an opportunity for developers to come together and match wits with (and against) each other in a friendly yet productive competition. The hacks will be organized around key Akamai products and topics to optimize your learning opportunities.

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Demo Stations

The demo stations in the DevOps Zone will give you a chance to see Akamai products in action in order to gain a more complete understanding of what Akamai can do for you. The demos will be formulated for key use cases and will be shown by Akamai product experts who are ready to answer any and all questions.

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We'd love to see you in Las Vegas.

Get registered now for Akamai Edge World 2019 (June 10-13, Aria Resort, Las Vegas, NV), and then make your way to the DevOps Zone. We look forward to meeting, chatting, and coding with you.

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