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Origin Offload

When it comes to real-time content, caching is the enemy. However, very often, real-time simply means instant updates to reflect data changes. Before now, to achieve this real-time aspect, you had to forego the cache and requests would go directly to origin.

With Fast Purge and Hold-Till-Told, you can instruct Akamai to cache content forever, and purge it in under 5 seconds when it updates. Then, by disabling (or minimizing) the downstream cache hold, your end users will continuously fetch updates from the Edge, rather than origin, knowing that the latest version will be available when updates are made.

You can automate cache purges in response to content updates at origin using your own CMS, so that cache is intelligently purged every time specific content is changed. You can do this using Akamai CLI for Purge, or our Akamai for WordPress plugin.


origin offload 1

origin offload 2

origin offload 3


  • Cache (almost) Indefinitely: Ensure your critical content is always ready to serve to your customers.
  • Lower Costs: Caching previously uncached content and interfacing TTL lowers infrastructure costs and increases performance.
  • User Experience: Ensure that you are always serving fresh and relevant content.


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