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Phased Deployment

Manage your feature or site rollouts with the Phased Release Cloudlet by defining audience segments and gradually migrating them to new versions while ensuring stability. If there are any issues, you can roll changes back quickly.

Phased releases are useful for two different scenarios. The first is when you want to gather user feedback on a change from a specific segment of your audience, e.g. typical market demographics.

The second is when you are rolling out code changes with underlying services for which you have no production baseline resource usage. By phasing the release, you can monitor resources and add more should you need them. If things do break, only a segment of your audience is affected. This can be an invaluable technique for ensuring a smooth rollout.


Phased Deployment BeforePhased Deployment After


Using Akamai CLI for Property Manager, our forthcoming Terraform and Jenkins integrations, or the Property Manager API (PAPI) directly, you can set up and orchestrate test properties on the edge in order to test performance changes or measure performance for new content. Making Akamai Configuration changes inside your CI/CD workflow allows you to integrate Akamai Property Configuration changes into the rest of your deployment lifecycle.

Useful For

- Testing new software releases.
- Testing new stacks or environments.
- Gradually migrating traffic to new infrastructure regardless of location, network, or provider.

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