Akamai for DevOps

Akamai CLI

Automate your workflow with Akamai’s intelligent edge platform.

Akamai's DevOps Capabilities

Akamai for DevOps is a collection of integrations, tools, and plug-ins that helps you connect Akamai into your automation workflows. Here are some of the things these tools can do:

  • Plan and Code
  • Build Your Site Through Streamlined Processes
  • Test and Protect Your Site
  • Release Property Configurations
  • Deploy via Automation
  • Operate Your Site with the User in Mind
  • Monitor Your Site for Problems and Quickly Solve Them

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Download Akamai CLI to manage and configure your Akamai properties via the command line.

Akamai CLI


Benefits of Akamai CLI

  • Automate the creation, configuration, and activation of property configurations.
  • Purge your content from the Edge in five seconds or less.
  • Create your own custom commands.
  • Includes a package manager to make it easy to install new & update tools.


Easily connect with your favorite tools and frameworks.


Akamai Provider for Terraform

Add dynamic, repeatable, transparent automation to your existing infrastructure.

- Edge DNS

- Property Manager

- Global Traffic Manager

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