Akamai CLI

Using the Akamai Command-line Interface

Akamai Developer offers the Akamai CLI which stands for command-line interface. The Akamai CLI acts as a lightweight wrapper for the Akamai APIs. The Akamai CLI is a modular tool that offers additional CLI packages for actions. For instance, there is a Purge CLI package, with which you can execute all relevant purging actions.

Note that the Akamai CLI also comes pre-installed with the the Akamai Development Environment.

Get Started


  1. Download and install the Akamai CLI for macOS, Windows, or Linux (see below).
  2. Extend your Akamai CLI. You can install Akamai CLI packages via GitHub.
  3. Browse possible actions by using our built-in help function for each package. For example, Purge CLI package will list out all actions when you use the command: akamai purge help.

Download and Install

mac laptop


For all versions of macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or higher:

  1. Download binary release
  2. Compile from source
  3. Install with homebrew
    brew install akamai

Watch the Video Tutorial


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